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Overcoming Fear of the Future – Dec 30, 2008 – 25:32

No one can say with certainty what the New Year will bring. None of us knows if we will even be here 12 months from now. But that thought should not alarm us in any way. To all our fears the Lord says quite simply:“Fear not.” (Sermon)

If Christ Had Not Come – Dec 24, 2008 – 31:51
What if Christ had not come? This message explores the importance of Christmas by examining what the world would have lost if Christ had not come.
Overcoming Loneliness – Dec 17, 2008 – 30:16
In this Christmas sermon Pastor Ray focuses on the phrase “God with us.” There are three words in that phrase and each one teaches us something about who Jesus really is.
Journey to Bethlehem – Dec 16, 2008 – 16:06
Pastor Ray joins Nancy Tuner on WMBI-FM to talk about the events of the first Christmas There are segments on Caesar Augustus, Mary, Joseph and the birth of Jesus.
Follow The Christmas Star – Dec 8, 2008 – 30:40
There is a danger from viewing the sweetness of a Christmas pageant with beautiful music and adorable children that we can think that this is the way it really was.
Does Prayer Make a Difference? – Dec 5, 2008 – 47:43
On the radio program “Fire Away,” Ray Pritchard joins the AFR team to discuss the power of prayer. They took calls from listeners about faith, how to pray without ceasing, fasting, and how to pray for the dying.
The Host Who Forgot His Manners – Dec 2, 2008 – 47:28
We might call this story “the preacher and the prostitute” because it’s a lesson about pride and humility. It’s also about how God welcomes those who aren’t ashamed to admit how much they need him.
Good News for the Next 100 Years – Nov 25, 2008 – 33:35
Dr. Ray Pritchard preached this message at the 100th anniversary service of the Chinese Bible Church of Oak Park, IL. The podcast includes a simultaneous Cantonese translation by Mr. C. W. Chan.
How to Leave a Church – Nov 23, 2008 – 54:00
Ray Pritchard discusses “How to Leave a Church” with Chris Fabry on the Moody Broadcasting Network. The program includes calls from listeners.
The Best of Times, The Worst of Times – Nov 17, 2008 – 43:22
From the parable of the wheat and the weeds, Ray Pritchard explains why we should be excited about the future.
One Sleepless Night – Nov 11, 2008 – 21:46
From the story of Jesus praying in Gethsemane we learn something about God’s will, something about temptation, and something about the high cost of our salvation.
The Elijah Principles Part 4 – Nov 4, 2008 – 41:25
1 Kings 19 tells us how God met Elijah at his lowest point. From this story we learn four principles that will help us when we feel like running away and giving up.
The Elijah Principles Part 3 – Oct 28, 2008 – 44:34
If God works miracles some of the time, why doesn’t he work them all the time? We must learn that miracles are not about us. Miracles are about God.
Cannon Beach Q and A – Oct 20, 2008 – 54:41
Ray and Marlene Pritchard led a question and answer session at Cannon Beach Conference Center. Questions ranged from predestination to prayer to what is at stake in the presidential election.
Elijah Principles Part 2 – Oct 7, 2008 – 34:20
Sometimes God sets us aside for a period in order to prepare us for greater work in the future. God never wastes anything—not even the “down times” of life.
“Fire Away” Interview, October 3, 2008 – Oct 3, 2008 – 54:34
In this radio interview Ray Pritchard discusses “The Bible and Money” with Tim Wildmon and Marvin Sanders. The program also includes calls from listeners.
The Elijah Principles Part 1 – Sep 24, 2008 – 44:26
Almost four years ago Ray and Marlene Pritchard began to pray, “Lord, do things we’re not used to.” This message tells how God answered that prayer by redirecting their steps in some amazing ways.
Spiritual Warfare in the Last Days – Sep 16, 2008 – 24:31
What will be the world be like as we approach the Last Days before the coming of Christ? In this message we learn that it will be the best of times and the worst of times.
Asymmetric Spiritual Warfare – Sep 11, 2008 – 33:37
Using the war on terror as a backdrop, this sermon explains how Satan attacks us asymmetrically. He works the angles and uses many small attacks in order to bring us down. Unless we understand Satan’s strategy, we will be defeated over and over again.
Angry Man Alert – Aug 27, 2008 – 36:26
Ray Pritchard speaks challenges men to face their anger so that with God’s help, they might become truly “gentle men.”
Curing the Itch Mites – Aug 20, 2008 – 35:34
In marriage seemingly insignificant behaviors can have devastating long-term consequences. Little things left unattended can cause real trouble in the long run. Here’s some practical advice on dealing with the “itch mites” in your marriage.
Arrows From Heaven – Aug 13, 2008 – 42:02
In this message Ray and Marlene Pritchard share lessons they have learned from 34 years of marriage and raising three sons.
We Shall Be Like Him – Jul 31, 2008 – 36:08
Better days are coming, child of God. Let this thought encourage you in your long journey home. God has determined to make you like Jesus. Because you are his child, you will one day be like his Son.
Rock Bottom Truth – Jul 15, 2008 – 37:40

Jeremiah 29:11 is meant to help us while we are in the furnace with the certain truth that we are there for a purpose, that it won’t last forever, and that God will be glorified and we will be improved by our “furnace time.” (Sermon)

When God Says Wait – Jul 1, 2008 – 42:16
Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t speak to you more clearly? Could it be because you’re going so fast that you can’t hear his voice?  Waiting rearranges our priorities, slows down our schedule, and forces us to listen to God.
Why You Need Your Enemies, and Your Enemies Need You. – Jun 25, 2008 – 41:46

You need your enemies to help you become like Christ, and your enemies need you to become like Christ to them. (Sermon)

Hold Lightly What You Value Greatly – Jun 25, 2008 – 47:24
You can stop trying to hold on to things when you figure out that they never belonged to you in the first place.
Some Advice to the Discontented – Jun 23, 2008 – 45:49

Contentment is not about geography. It’s about your heart. You can serve God in Babylon just as well as you can in Jerusalem. It’s a hard lesson, but it is also good news if we will receive it from the Lord. (Sermon)

Trapped! – Jun 13, 2008 – 44:59

What do you do when you don’t like the circumstances of your life and it seems as if nothing is going to change anytime soon? You must go back and find out where God is in the midst of your frustration. (Sermon)

Think on These Things – Jun 12, 2008 – 34:11

Here is God’s prescription for believers trapped in unhealthy living: Think On These Things! Focus on the good, the pure, the true, the holy, the right, the lovely. Find those things that elevate the mind and think on them! (Sermon)

The Hardest Doctrine To Believe – Jun 6, 2008 – 52:54
The resurrection of the body means that when God saves us, he saves the whole person—body, soul and spirit. It also means that we will see again our loved ones who died in the Lord.
When God Prays For You – May 30, 2008 – 41:10
Romans 8:26-27 assures us that when we can’t pray, the Holy Spirit prays for us. When you cannot speak, he speaks for you.
When You Need to Know, You’ll Know – May 18, 2008 – 42:49

Proverbs 3:5-6 is a short course in knowing God’s will for your life. Five key words unlock the message of this text. (Sermon)

Praying For Your Prodigal – May 15, 2008 – 50:23

When you pray for a loved one who seems hardened against the Lord, pray that the eyes of their heart might be opened so that the light of God can come flooding in. (Sermon)

Strength for the Journey – May 10, 2008 – 34:52

In his final message at the Josiah Venture conference in the Czech Republic, Pastor Ray encourages us to stand fast because the God who chose us for salvation will also give us whatever we need in every situation. (Sermon)

Create in Me a Clean Heart – Apr 25, 2008 – 35:15
Many Christians struggle with purity and feel guilty because they have failed again and again. If we want a clean heart, we must ask God for one.
Don’t You Believe in Miracles? – Jan 23, 2008 – 45:13
If God works miracles some of the time, why doesn’t he work them all the time?
How God’s Will Can Mess Up Your Life in a Good Way – Jan 12, 2008 – 40:00
God’s will is always good, but it’s not always comfortable. What if God let you fail miserably so he could give you overwhelming success later?
The Three Rookies – Jan 12, 2008 – 32:50
We don’t belong in this world. We’re not supposed to be comfortable here.
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