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    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About The Christian Life – Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 Which church should I join?   I live in a suburb of Chicago called Oak Park. Approximately fifty-three thousand people live here. On many street corners you can find a mas­sive church structure. At the turn of the century, when Oak Park was the first affluent suburb on the railroad west from Chicago, […]

    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About The Christian Life – Chapter 10

    Chapter 10 How can I share my faith?   Let me describe a situation and ask how you would respond. Let’s suppose that you are a missionary arriving for service in a coun­try you have never visited. Although you didn’t plan to visit the cap­ital city, your itinerary was changed suddenly and now you find […]

    Amending Our Church Constitution to Define Marriage

    AMENDING OUR CHURCH CONSTITUTION TO DEFINE MARRIAGE by Ray Pritchard Last spring the elders appointed a task force to work on revising our church constitution in several key areas. This marks the first time since we approved our current constitution in 1992 that we have made any changes. The task force recommended, and the …

    Should We Use the Bible in the Marriage Debate?

    SHOULD WE USE THE BIBLE IN THE MARRIAGE DEBATE? by Ray Pritchard At first, the question seems unnecessary. Of course we will use the Bible in the great debate over marriage. How could Christians avoid the Bible? And why should we? Before answering that question, consider an article by Don Wycliff, the “public editor…

    Sowing Seeds for Jesus

    SOWING SEEDS FOR JESUS by Ray Pritchard A friend writes asking for help with a difficult situation. Because of a change on the job, this person now works around two men who are openly homosexual. Recently they have started sharing details about their personal relationships. The problem: “I work in an environment that t…

    Straight Talk from Senator Santorum

    STRAIGHT TALK FROM SENATOR SANTORUM by Ray Pritchard A few days ago Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania got in trouble for making some disparaging remarks about homosexuality. During an interview he seemed to place homosexuality in the same category as bigamy, polygamy, adultery, incest, and a few other socially unaccepta…

    The Crisis in the Catholic Church

    THE CRISIS IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH by Ray Pritchard All of us, I am sure, have been shocked and saddened by the repeated revelations of serious sexual misconduct (and an apparent cover-up in many cases) by priests inside the Catholic Church. How should those of us outside that particular church respond? A recent editorial in…

    Can Homosexuals Go to Heaven?

    For the next few weeks I want to use this space to discuss some "hot topics." The first one is indicated by the title, although no one ever puts the question in precisely this way. Let's begin with the words of I Corinthians 6:9-10, "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Ne…

    God Bless the Boy Scouts

    Once again Oak Park is in the news, and this time the news isn't good. A front page story in the Chicago Sun-Times informs us that the various Boy Scout troops in Oak Park have decided to sever their ties with the national organization because here in Oak Park we don't like to discriminate against gays and lesbians and we d…

    Can Good People be Gay?

    In a recent interview, Christopher Matthews asked Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush a thought-provoking question: “Can good people be gay?” The answer came back without hesitation: “Sure, absolutely.” Case closed, at least for a politician seeking the White House who wants to round up as m…

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