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Jesus Is All I Need



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Article 14 of 36 from the Ponder This - 2004 series

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April 2004 – JESUS IS ALL I NEED by Ray Pritchard I first heard this from Steve Brown who heard Ron Dunn say it in a sermon: “We often say, ’Jesus is all I need.’ But you will never know if Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have. When Jesus is all you have, then you discover that Jesus is all you need.” The more I think about that, the more profound it seems to me. For most of us, “Jesus is all I need” is a little more than a Christian cliché””a bumper sticker slogan and nothing more. But then I visited someone who is dying of cancer. There is absolutely no hope for her recovery. That is completely clear in her mind. With a wry smile she said, “Jesus has been so good to me. If he wants to take me home now, I’m ready to go. Whatever the Lord wants is all right with me.” Where does that kind of faith come from? Ask the single moms””they know all about it. Ask the man who just lost his job””he knows about it. Ask the woman who is struggling with the shattering pain of divorc”she has learned the truth over and over again. Ask that young girl whose father died when she was 15 or the man whose wife has Alzheimer’s Disease or the young couple who lost their first child. Gordon MacDonald said, “I have discovered that your theology is only as deep as your pain.” Pity those who have an easy life. They never really know Jesus! If anything can be said for pain, it is this: When we hurt, we find out what if what we believe is really true. Many can testify through their tears””“when everything else was gone, I turned to Jesus and he was still there.” This is a good word for Easter Sunday. On Friday, the disciples watched their Lord die. On Saturday, he remained in the grave. On Sunday, when the women went to the tomb to anoint his body, he wasn’t there. Later, he appeared to them in person, and the word spread like wildfire, “He’s alive!” Nothing was ever the same after that. Twenty centuries have passed since that first happy Easter morning. The followers of Jesus get sick and they still die. We are not spared any suffering simply because we know Jesus. It is a paradox of our faith that we are most likely to meet Jesus when we least expect to see him. First the cross, then the resurrection. Is Jesus all you need? Yes, but you’ll never know for sure until Jesus is all you have. And when Jesus is all you have, to your utter surprise you’ll discover that everything you always heard is tru”Jesus is all you need.

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