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Article 7 of 26 from the Ponder This - 2005 series

February 2005 – Knowing vs. Believing by Ray Pritchard I received a prayer letter from a friend in the ministry who has known great sorrow in his life. Several years ago, one of his children died in an automobile accident. You sometimes hear it said that there is no pain like the pain of losing a child. I am sure my friend would agree. As he and his wife have walked through the dark valley of grief, they have learned many things from the Lord. No lesson has been more important than the truth of God’s sovereignty. He calls it “perhaps the most difficult of God’s attributes to embrace.” Then he adds, “I know in my heart that He is in control, but my head has a hard time accepting it on occasion.” Surely any parent can understand some of the anguish of those words. Then he adds this wise insight: For me, my questioning usually springs from the fact that God did not do something the way I thought it should have been done. He does something I do not understand. Now I would never question whether I know more than God does, but the truth is that my actions sometimes betray me. Right in the middle of singing, “I Surrender All,” I find myself grasping tightly to something of which I am afraid to let go. My friend points out the difference between believing and knowing: I have been giving much consideration to the things I say I believe and those things I just know. To believe something is to have it influence actions and attitudes. If I believe it, then it will change the way I view my life. If I just know it, then it is just one more fact I can recite from memory. Finally he asks the bottom-line question about the accident that took his daughter’s life: Is God really in control? Was He in control on that foggy March 14th morning? The answer is YES! This is more than a basic theological truth; it is something we can say we truly believe, even if we do not understand the why. In pondering what my friend wrote, I realize that as I grow older, I find that I believe less than I did 30 years ago, but what I believe, I believe more deeply. A long time ago, before I had seen much suffering in the world, I had a set of beliefs that covered everything and answered every question. Now I believe less than I did, but what I believe, I truly believe with all my heart. My friend said it better than I did. There are some things we know, there are other things we believe. No truth matters more than the sovereignty of God. If God is truly in control, then I can live with the questions that for the moment have no answers.

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