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Q & A About the Biannual Business Meeting



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Article 44 of 44 from the Ponder This - 2004 series

November 2004 – Q & A ABOUT THE BIANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING by Ray Pritchard Q Why should I come to the business meeting? A Because it’s one of two times during the year when you get the inside scoop on what’s going on at the church. Q What you mean by “inside scoop”? A We talk about the year just past and about our plans for the future. Q Is that exciting? A If you care about the church, it’s incredibly exciting to hear what God has done, and where he is leading us in the future. Q What else will happen at the business meeting? A We will elect three new elders, vote on a deacon/deaconess couple, and approve the 2005 budget. Q Anything else? A I’m glad you asked. We’re going to vote on some amendments to our church constitution. Q What’s that all about? A The most important amendment is an addition to our Articles of Faith. We’re adding an article that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman and a statement that human life is sacred, that it begins at the moment of conception and is worthy of protection from that point. Q Is this something new the church has started to believe? A No. We’ve always believed this, but given the great debates in our society, we thought it wise to add it to our Articles of Faith in the constitution. Q What are the other amendments? A There are three other procedural amendments that relate to deacons becoming elders, how we add new staff members, and how we ordain men for the gospel ministry. Q Does that about cover it all? A There’s more. We’re going to give a full update on the Legacy Campaign and our overall financial situation. Plus we will introduce the 2005 church theme and talk about some exciting dreams God is giving us for the future. Q Will there be time for questions? A Yes. Q Do I have to be a church member to come to the meeting? A No. Members are expected to attend, but non-members are welcome and encouraged to come. Only members are allowed to vote. Q Will there be food? A Of course. We can’t meet without having some refreshments. The evening starts with a dessert social in the Dining Room at 6:00 p.m. The desserts will be provided by families with last names beginning with M through Z. Q So, when does this all happen? A Sunday, November 14. The dessert social starts at 6:00 p.m. and the Biannual Business Meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. Q I have one other question. Why is it called the “biannual” business meeting? I thought “biannual” meant every other year. A Lots of people have asked that question. My extensive research has led me to this nugget of truth. “Biannual” means both twice a year and once every two years according to the American Heritage Dictionary. But it mostly means “twice a year,” which is how we use the word. Q Thanks for clearing up that mystery. I’ve been staying up late trying to figure it out. A Glad to be of service.

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