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25 Ways You Can Be Part of World Focus Week



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Article 41 of 41 from the Ponder This - 2004 series

October 2004 – 25 WAYS YOU CAN BE PART OF WORLD FOCUS WEEK by Ray Pritchard Find Martha Peaslee’s picture on the missionary wall in the Sanctuary lobby. Pray for Uzbekistan at the Sunday night Concert of Prayer. Share a table with a missionary at the Family Night Supper on Wednesday. Ask Dr. Aletta Bell about her favorite Indian food. Ask Paul Knudson, “How much does it rain in Bolivia?” Go to a home meeting at John and Amy Bax’s and get to know Jack and Esther Lilley. Come to the “Prayer Brunch” next Saturday morning. Say hi to Anne Ockers. Watch Greg Sanford’s sermon on the big screen in the Upper Room. Ask Gordon McRostie about Sat-7. Try to find out where Ray and Ruth Leaf serve. Attend a home meeting for Tim and Debra Carpenter. Ask Lamar and Joanna Salley how things are going in Costa Rica. Meet a missionary who lives in Germany. Find Malawi on the map. Pray about going on a short-term missions trip in 2005. Take a missionary to lunch. Give to the “Christmas in October” missionary offering. Meet the missionaries who live in northern Maine. Find out which missionary once served as youth pastor at Calvary. Ask Greg Kirschner to quote a Bible verse in Hausa. Attend a Wednesday night missions workshop. Check out the Missions Fair tonight. Find out where Jonathan King was raised. (Hint: It’s mentioned in the Bible.) Ask Rich Bonham, “What is an Electronic Learning Center?”

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