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What the Bible Says About Homosexuality - Various - Oct 22, 1989 - 133

Perhaps the place to begin this morning is with the simple confession that I did not want to preach this message. It was not part of my preaching calendar and I did not make the final decision until two and a half weeks ago. My hesitations were very simple: As the brand-new pastor of Calvary Memoria ... More

The Curse on Canaan And the Problem of Racism - Genesis 9:18-29 - Sep 8, 2002 - 237

It has been a long time since I addressed the topic of racism from the pulpit. The last time I devoted an entire sermon to this issue was in March, 1994. I am returning to that topic today because it is impossible to talk about Genesis 9:18-29 without considering the problem of racism. However, if y ... More

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