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Nothing Shall Offend Them: A Message for Unhappy, Irritated, and Bent-Out-of-Shape Christians - Psalm 119:165 - Feb 3, 2002 - 399

For our final message in this short series from Psalm 119, I want to look at a verse I first learned in Mrs. Sandberg’s British Literature class 30 years ago. As she began class one day, she read a verse of Scripture that had been particularly meaningful to her. Then she quoted Psalm 119:165 f ... More

The School of Suffering - Genesis 34-37 - Nov 8, 1992 - 354

For me the most poignant scene of the recent presidential campaign took place last Monday night in Houston where George Bush was speaking in the final rally of his political career. During a long day that started in New Jersey he had hip-hopped across the mid-section of America, rallying the troops ... More

In His Steps - 1 Peter 2:21-25 - Jan 30, 2005 - 588

In the Christian life, there are only two ways to grow. One is through people, the other is through pain. It would be hard to find a more important principle than this. Sometimes we grow through the influence of others. We sit at the feet of teachers, friends, mentors, disciplers, pastors, and gifte ... More

The Mystery of Unanswered Prayer - 2 Corinthians 12:7-9 - May 20, 2012 - 1310

“You won’t believe the things that have happened to me." The man stood over my desk as he spoke those words. Then he proceeded to tell a tale of woe the likes of which I had not heard in many years. As I listened, it seemed to boil down to three basic parts. First, he had lost his ... More

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