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Two Ways to Go to Heaven: Make Sure You Choose the Right One - Galatians 3:1-14 - Jun 17, 2001 - 253

With this sermon we turn a corner in our journey through Galatians. This short letter has three parts:The Personal Section: Chapters 1-2The Doctrinal Section: Chapters 3-4The Practical Section: Chapters 5-6As we begin the Doctrinal Section of the book, I need to tell you that there are some verses t ... More

Born Free: Seven Promises You Can Count On - Galatians 3:15-4:11 - Jul 1, 2001 - 255

The book of Galatians is all about how we can be right with God. Paul wrote this little “emergency letter” to remind us that being right with God is about believing, not achieving. Salvation is not about going to church, being religious, trying harder, or turning over a new leaf. You can ... More

Why Good People Won't Go to Heaven - Romans 10:1-4 - May 20, 2006 - 765

I’d like to talk to you about who goes to heaven. We all know that the Bible teaches the reality of heaven and the reality of hell. Jesus himself spoke of both places many times. All of us, I’m sure, would like to go to heaven if we could. Even if you are not a Christian, I’m s ... More

The Curse on Canaan And the Problem of Racism - Genesis 9:18-29 - Sep 8, 2002 - 237

It has been a long time since I addressed the topic of racism from the pulpit. The last time I devoted an entire sermon to this issue was in March, 1994. I am returning to that topic today because it is impossible to talk about Genesis 9:18-29 without considering the problem of racism. However, if y ... More

The Woman Caught in the Act: Christ Speaks to the Problem of a Judgmental Spirit - John 8:1-11 - Apr 22, 2001 - 124

"It is a terrible thing for a sinner to fall into the hands of his fellow sinners.” F. B. MeyerThis is the story of Jesus and the woman taken in adultery. It is so popular that even those who rarely read the Bible know about it. Clarence McCartney comments that the great museums of Europe alwa ... More

Seven Signs Of The Second Coming - Aug 13, 2006

(Revised and Expanded January 9, 1991)The following things have happened in the last 72 hours:*Yesterday the Iraqi Revolutionary Council met with Saddam Hussein and reaffirmed that there would be no withdrawal from Kuwait either before or after January 15. “The idea of withdrawal exists only i ... More

The Holy Spirit and the Gift of Tongues - Article C: The Holy Spirit - Various - Feb 23, 1992 - 749

There are two problems a pastor faces whenever he comes to speak on a topic as controversial as speaking in tongues. The first is that the subject is so vast that he cannot hope to cover it completely. It would take a book to fully consider all the pertinent issues, and if I wrote such a book, I d ... More

Beyond the Crystal Ball: Why I Believe in the Second Coming of Christ - Various - Dec 31, 1995 - 799

Consider the events of the last few weeks: *In Washington, the government shut-down has entered its sixteenth day, with no end in sight. While politicians argue where to place the blame, hundreds of thousands of workers remain idle. *In Israel, a religious Jew shot and killed Prime Minister Yitzak ... More

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? - Philippians 2:6-11 - Oct 25, 1998 - 364

Who is Jesus Christ? Of all the questions that might be posed to modern men and women, none is more important than this. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the central question of history and the most important issue anyone will ever face. Who is Jesus Christ? Where did he come from? Why did ... More

Redemption: Free At Last! - Various - Mar 26, 1995 - 377

Of all the names that the Bible gives and of all the names that believers give to Jesus Christ, none is more precious than the name Redeemer. There are other names we use more often, such as Lord and Savior, and rightly so because those too are Bible terms, but no word touches the heart like the wor ... More

Men and Women in Biblical Perspective - Genesis 1-3 - Oct 18, 1992 - 132

I find myself in a peculiar position this morning. No matter what I say, or how carefully I say it, someone is bound to disagree with me. But that doesn’t begin to cover the subject. Not only will some people disagree with me, even the people who agree with me will probably not agree with ever ... More

God Plays No Favorites - Romans 3:27-31 - Apr 5, 1992 - 287

Every good teacher knows that the first law of learning is repetition. Say it, then say it again, then in case they didn’t get it, say it again. Say it loudly, whisper it softly, say it plainly, say it in English, then say it in Spanish. Whatever it takes, say it over and over and over again, ... More

Equal But Not Identical: Men And Women In The Local Church - Jul 21, 1991

In this day of social upheaval, many traditional views held by the Christian church are being questioned. Not the least important of these is the issue of women in ministry. During the past several decades, the feminist movement has had significant impact on the church; this impact is such that the ... More

How to Overcome Fear - Genesis 15 - Apr 28, 1996 - 18

Genesis 15 has rightly been called one of the most important chapters in all the Bible. In it we discover the details of the Abrahamic covenant, which is the most important covenant in all the Bible. Hundreds of years later the New Testament writers (especially Paul in Galatians 3 but also Peter i ... More

The Power of a Book - Various - Dec 6, 1998 - 414

Message to the R. G. Mitchell Christmas BanquetToronto, CanadaThank you. It is a great honor to be with you tonight. This is my first visit to Toronto and is really my first visit to Canada, if you don’t count a twenty-minute border crossing a few years ago. Our family was on vacation in north ... More

Countdown to Armageddon: Six Signs of the Second Coming - Matthew 24:1-14 - Oct 21, 2001 - 687

Last Wednesday afternoon I stood at Ground Zero in Manhattan looking at the ruins of the World Trade Center. I was there as part of a group of five men from Calvary who traveled 2,400 miles through 11 states plus the District of Columbia in 100 hours to deliver 7,000 copies of the gospel book, An An ... More

Do Not Neglect Your Spiritual Gift - 1 Timothy 4:14 - Jan 11, 2007 - 165

Ever since the new year rolled around, I have been pondering one verse of Scripture and thinking about its implications for life and ministry, and what it would mean if we started to take it seriously. That verse is 1 Timothy 4:14. Here it is in several different versions: “Do not neglect ... More

Create in Me a Clean Heart: A Serious Call to Sexual Purity - Apr 25, 2007

I received an email from a young lady I have never met. She happens to live in a country on the other side of the world. Because she reads my weblog, she felt like she could write and share her heart with me. This is part of what she had to say:I think you might be surprised, but I’ve somethin ... More

The Blessing of a Believing Spouse - Hebrews 11:11-12 - Jul 23, 2008 - 1159

This is the story of Sarah’s faith. It is the story of one woman who together with her husband believed God and received a very great reward. It is also a story about the enormous blessing of having a believing spouse. If man has a wife who believes in Jesus, he is greatly blessed, and if a wi ... More

God Our Father - Matthew 6:9 - Oct 4, 2009 - 1217

“Our Father in Heaven.” Matthew 6:9 Before we begin: What words describe your earthly father? Do you feel comfortable addressing God as “Father?” Why or why not? “Who is God?” The interviewer looked at me expectantly while I fumbled to find an answer. Since the ca ... More

Unfading Glory - 2 Corinthians 3:7-11 - Feb 10, 2010 - 1238

Nostalgia can be deadly to your faith. I suppose there is always a temptation to look back at the past and imagine that it is better than the present, especially if you find yourself in a hard place. If you are old, you may wish you were young again.If your children have left home, you may wish the ... More

The Forsaken Christ - Matthew 27:45-46 - May 5, 1991 - 545

Until a few days ago most of us had never given any serious thought to a place called Bangladesh. We knew it was somewhere on the other side of the world, but that’s all we knew. Then a typhoon hit the Bay of Bengal and suddenly Bangladesh was front page news. The latest reports suggest that 12 ... More

Empty on the Inside: How God Reveals Himself to Us - Acts 17:26-28 - Jun 28, 1998 - 241

In his book, Therefore Stand (written in 1945), Wilbur Smith has a chapter on Paul’s speech to the Areopagus (Acts 17:16-34). Along the way he comments on the similarity between ancient Athens and modern America. For all the obvious differences in culture and language, there is a similar appro ... More

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