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Marching Off the Map - Esther 4 - Oct 17, 1993 - 386

In our previous studies, we have uncovered some basic principles about God’s will: 1. God wants you to know his will more than you want to know it. 2. God himself takes personal responsibility to see that his will is done by us. 3. God’s will is revealed to us one step at a time. 4. ... More

Adoption: Plenty of Room in the Family - Jan 7, 2007

When Leslie Lynch King, Jr. died earlier this week, it made headlines around the world. Commentators talked about his legacy, and in the United States flags were lowed to half-staff in his honor. That always happens when a president dies.But who was President King? You can’t find any record of ... More

Marching Off the Map - Mar 1, 1996

Perhaps you’ve heard the story about the emperor who ordered his favorite general to embark on a dangerous mission to conquer new land. Becuase that meant entering unknown territory, the maps stopped at the frontier of previous exporation. Many months later, after completing his mission, the ... More

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