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Music For A Madman - I Samuel 16:14-23 - Aug 13, 2000 - 343

The following story happened quite a few years ago. I was getting my hair cut at one of those places where you generally don’t know in advance who is going to do the cutting. It happened that the girl who cut my hair had done it the last two times as well. She remembered me immediately as a pa ... More

Do Not Take Your Holy Spirit From Me! - Psalms 51:11 - Jun 19, 2005 - 203

“Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me” (Psalms 51:11).  It is sometimes said that no Christian should ever pray this prayer, but I wonder if that is correct. Clearly David feared being cast away by God and losing the Holy Spirit. The big questio ... More

Christmas Hope - Hebrews 6:18-20 - Dec 24, 2000 - 97

This is Christmas Eve. Even though there is no command in the New Testament to celebrate Christmas, we happily join with millions of Christians around the world in remembering the birth of our Savior. “Joy to the world, the Lord is come!” And because he was born in Bethlehem, “the ... More

From Jacob to Jesus - Genesis 49:10; Luke 1:33 - Dec 6, 1992 - 355

Our final study in the life of Jacob is different from all the rest. When we began, he was still in his mother’s womb. When Genesis brings his story to a close, he is buried in the cave of Machpelah, along with his father and grandfather. In between, this man of restless faith never stopped ... More

Here Comes the Judge: Bad News for Modern Man - Acts 17:31 - Aug 23, 1998 - 244

"Now this matter is between me, the two people I love most—my wife and our daughter—and our God.” Those are the words of President Bill Clinton as he addressed the nation last Monday night. Roger Simon is a veteran reporter and columnist. In his weekly column for America Online, he ... More

Christmas Joy - Luke 2:8-11 - Dec 21, 1997 - 93

If there is a single word that describes what Christmas is all about, it’s the little word “joy.” Several of our favorite carols mention it: “Joy to the world, the Lord is come,” “O come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant,” “Shepherds, why this ju ... More

Praying for the Sick–Part 1 - James 5:14-15 - Aug 18, 2009 - 1210

“Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven” (James 5:14-15).(I am dedi ... More

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