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Evangelism and God’s Judgment

Nathan Richards asks:
In the context of evangelism, when is it appropriate to talk about judgment and hell?
Ray Pritchard’s answer

Much of our evangelism is ruined because we have forgotten the Apostle Paul’s approach. When Paul talks about God’s plan of salvation for his fellow Jews in Romans 9, he begins by sharing his broken heart for his own people. No one can read these words and doubt his love for his Jewish brothers and sister.

Were they sinners? Yes.

Had they rejected Christ? Yes.

Were they guilty? Yes.

Did they face eternal judgment?

Yes, but Paul doesn’t start there. He begins by sharing his great love and great respect for others. In other words, Paul starts with the good news first. The bad news would come later. If Paul started with the bad news, they might not be around to listen to the good news.

Tags: Compassion, Evangelism, Salvation

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