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Blaming God

Amy from Ca asks:
In the book of Job, why would it have been wrong for Job to blame God since God had given permission for the events that occured? Satan was responsible but God gave the “ok” so could you help straighten this out?
Ray Pritchard’s answer

It all depends on what we mean by “blaming God.” It’s totally true that God gave Satan permission to torment Job. However, as far as we can tell, Job never knew that! But more fascinating is the fact that Job never really discusses Satan one way or the other. Even though he has no inside knowledge of the discussion between God and Satan, he knows that God has allowed the tragedy to come into his life. In any way, Job was not responsible for what God did or what God allowed or what Satan did. Job was only responsible for how he responded.

That’s one of the great lessons of Job. Will we trust God even when life doesn’t make sense? It’s like the old saying, “You can’t control the cards you’re dealt. It’s how you play them that matters.” In that sense “blaming” God wouldn’t help at all because God is truly sovereign. We either respond in anger or we turn to praise. Anger corrodes the soul while praise lifts us to a higher plane.

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