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Bike Rides and Altar Calls

Mark from Missouri asks:
Hi Ray, when you say bike riding is that bicycle or motorcycle? What is your opinion of giving an alter call at the end of preaching or teaching the Word. Do you have an alter call in the services you conduct? Enjoy your teaching, books, and website! What a Blessing
Ray Pritchard’s answer

I ride a bicycle, not a motorcycle. But I told Marlene lately that I was thinking about buying a motorcycle. She just smiled.

I believe we should always give the gospel and invite people to respond. When I was in the pastorate, I tried to make the gospel clear in all my sermons and to give people a chance to respond. Sometimes that meant standing up, sometimes it meant raising hands, sometimes it meant coming forward for prayer. I varied the methods but always wanted people to have a chance to “close the deal” with the Lord. I say that understanding that the Holy Spirit must give the true invitation because without the Spirit, no one can come to Christ. 

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