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He’s God and We’re Not: The Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life - Ray Pritchard



Broadman & Holman

He’s God and We’re Not: The Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life

By Ray Pritchard


  1. Overview of the Seven Laws
  2. The First Law: He’s God and We’re Not
  3. The Second Law: God Doesn’t Need Us, but We Desperately Need Him
  4. The Third Law: What God Demands, He Supplies
  5. The Fourth Law: What You Seek, You Find
  6. The Fifth Law: Active Faith Releases God’s Power
  7. The Sixth Law: There is No Growth without Struggle
  8. The Seventh Law: What God Starts, He Finishes
  9. We Have Come to Schechem

Special Note


Several years ago Pastor Ray Pritchard set out on a journey. The destination of his journey was to discover the basic laws of the Christian’s life. Not surprisingly, his journey began and ended in the same place—God. Romans 11:36 poetically proclaims “for from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.”

All spirituality flows from a correct perspective of God, and all heresy begins with a misunderstanding of God. From this beginning, Pastor Ray compiled the Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life. These laws are the basic truths that every believer needs to know in order to have a healthy relationship with God.

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Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life

A series of 7 sermons
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그는 하나님, 우리가되지 않습니다


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