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Credo: Believing in Something to Die For - Ray Pritchard




Credo: Believing in Something to Die For

By Ray Pritchard

The Apostles’ Creed
1. You Are What You Believe: Why the Apostles’ Creed Matters
2. The Greatest Risk You’ll Ever Take: “I Believe in God”
3. Who’s in Charge Here? “God, the Father Almighty”
4. Not by Chance: “The Creator of Heaven and Earth”
5. The Incomparable Christ: “Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord”
6. Why the Virgin Birth Matters: “Conceived of the Holy Spirit, Born of the Virgin Mary"
7. The Man Who Killed Jesus: “Suffered Under Pontius Pilate"
8. The Day God Died: “Crucified, Died”
9. God’s Scapegoat: “Buried”
10. The Strangest Part of the Creed: “He Descended into Hell”
11. Going All In: “The Third Day He Arose Again from the Dead”
12. A Friend in High Places: “He Ascended into Heaven and Sits at the Right Hand of God the Father Almighty"
13. Here Comes the Judge: “He Shall Come to Judge the Living and the Dead"
14. When God Comes Near: “I Believe in the Holy Spirit"
15. God Has a Big Family: “The Holy Catholic Church"
16. All One Body We: “The Communion of Saints"
17. The Positive Power of Forgiveness: “The Forgiveness of Sins"
18. The Hardest Doctrine to Believe: “The Resurrection of the Body"
19. We’re Not Home Yet: “Life Everlasting"
20. Notes

The Apostles’ Creed is the most widely accepted creed of the church. Brief but powerful, it is so clear and biblical that all branches of Christendom enthusiastically embrace it. When we stand up together and say the creed that begins with, “I believe,” we are expressing many of the core beliefs of the Christian faith.

But have you ever thought about what you’re saying? Whether you recite the Apostles’ Creed every week or hardly ever, all Christians should understand what it means and why it’s important. Pastor Ray Pritchard examines this great creed line-by-line, point-by-point. His explanations are vibrant, thorough, accessible, and firmly rooted in Scripture.


The Apostles’ Creed

A series of 21 sermons
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