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Ray Pritchard pastored in Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. Married to Marlene for 38 years, he enjoys being a husband, a father and a grandfather, riding his bike, and playing with Dudley and Gary, beloved basset hounds.

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During our get-organized campaign that started last week, Marlene uncovered this pin that we gave away in 2002 when the whole congregation took the challenge to “get on the Bible bus” and read the Bible all the way through. Every Sunday that year I began my sermon with the same question, “So how are you doing?” After the first few times that question always drew a laugh because everyone knew it meant, “Are you still on the Bible Bus?” Along the way some people fell off or dropped off or veered off, but hundreds of people stayed on the Bible Bus and read all the way from Genesis to Revelation.

Now here we are in the middle of January. You still have time to start reading through the Bible in 2009. If you want some online encouragement, check out the One-Year Bible Blog or the Chronological Bible Project. Both sites offer helpful commentary for your daily readings. Reading the whole Bible is a worthwhile challenge that can done fairly easily in a year, taking a little bit every day. 

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As for me, I’m reading through the books of the Bible this year. What I mean is, I’m reading the Bible book by book and checking them off as I go along. I’m not following any particular pattern except that I’m alternating between Old Testament and New Testament. So far I’ve read through Ezra, Nehemiah, Obadiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Acts and Deuteronomy. Tomorrow I will read Esther. And then 2 Peter and Jude. And on we go. 

So how are you doing? It’s not too late to get on the Bible Bus in 2009.


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