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Elijah and the Ravens

February 28, 2022

The God who sent the ravens to Elijah can send them to you too.

Pray for Ukraine

February 24, 2022

Listen as Pastor Ray and Chris Fabry pray for Ukraine in light of the Russian invasion.

Lessons from the Dry Brook

February 24, 2022

Everything will work out, just not the way you expect,

Elijah: God’s Mountain Man

February 21, 2022

How much are you willing to risk to be the person God wants you to be?

Undivided: By Christ, In Christ, for Christ

February 18, 2022

If you know Jesus, you are my brother. You are my sister. Because everyone who belongs to Jesus belongs to me.

The Coming Worldwide Revival

February 15, 2022

I can't imagine a better time to be alive. Great ready—the harvest is coming in!

Advice to My 30-Year-Old Self

February 14, 2022

“Everything will work out, just not the way you expect”

If God is Sovereign, What Then?

February 13, 2022

Our problems with the sovereignty of God start when sovereignty becomes personal. We will never understand this doctrine until we remember that we live in a fallen, that evil is personal, that we must start with God, and that God has bought us with the blood of his Son.God knows what he is doing even when I don't have a clue.

What God Remembers That We Forget

February 12, 2022

If you’re wondering what God thinks about you, let’s take a journey through Psalm 103 and discover seven liberating truths about God’s heart. These verses reveal that he shows mercy to those who don’t deserve it, he remembers that we are dust, and he links us with eternity by linking us with himself.Are you needy? The answer is yes, whether you know it or not. You are needy, and God is ready to help you.

The Blessed Benefits

February 11, 2022

Many of us need to give God a “one-minute praising” for all his blessings. We’re sure good at telling the Lord what we want him to do for us. We need a good dose of Psalm 103 to wash out that complaining spirit and replace it with a heart of gratitude to the Lord.It is good to dream big dreams and to imagine all that you might do someday. But living forever in the future tends to make you unhappy where you are today.