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He Who Wins Souls Is Wise


The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise.

Proverbs 11:30


The phrase “tree of life” takes us back to the very begin­ning of the Bible. Genesis 2 tells us that God planted the “tree of life” in the center of the Garden of Eden. If Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit of that tree, they would have lived forever (Genesis 3:22). The “tree of life” appears again in Revelation 22 in the New Jerusalem, the dwelling place of God’s people throughout eternity. So the Bible be­gins and ends with the “tree of life.”

But in between, every believer is called to be a “tree of life.” The expression refers to the life-giving influence we can have on those around us. In the same way that we are to be salt and light in the midst of decay and darkness (Matthew 5:13-16), we are also called to be life-givers to those who are spiritually dead.

This is the greatest privilege any Christian can ever have-to lead another person to Jesus Christ. To use the terminology of Proverbs 11:30, you have “won” his soul for the Lord; you can truly be called a “soul-winner.”

After preaching a sermon on prayer, I received the following message from a member of my congregation:


I wanted to share with you something interesting that happened a few days ago. Last Saturday after­noon my wife and I happened to park our car near the church before we went downtown. While we were walking back to our car, we happened to be dis­cussing your sermon from last Sunday on prayer. I didn’t even notice a man sitting on the bench by the sidewalk. As we were getting into our car, the man said that he overheard us talking about prayer and that he could use some prayer right now. So we sat down and talked with him. We spent about 30 min­utes with him. He told us that he was down on his luck and that he felt like he needed prayer. So we prayed with him. We asked him if he knew Jesus and he said no. So we explained God’s salvation plan and he prayed with us and accepted Jesus into his heart. I thought you might like to know that it was dis­cussing your sermon on prayer that caused him to ask us to pray with him. It’s great how God can work.


This wonderful story offers many good lessons. It re­inforces the truth that there are hungry hearts all around us. There is no shortage of lost people in the world. All God needs is someone willing to spread the Word.

Sometimes we make evangelism more difficult than it really is. Let the image of the “tree of life” be a guide. Put your roots down deep in the soil of God’s Word. As the fruit of a new life begins to appear, it will attract oth­ers. When they start asking questions, tell them about Jesus. If they are ready, lead them to Christ.

Solomon said, “He who wins souls is wise.” This is why Jesus came-to seek and to save the lost. Will you join Him in this great work?


Lead me to some soul today. O teach me, Lord, just what to say. Make me a “tree of life, “I pray. Amen.


Who were the “trees of life” God used to bring you to Jesus? Have you ever thanked them for their godly influ­ence?

Who are three people you would like to see come to Christ? Stop right now and pray that God would make you a “tree of life” to them.


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