Anchors for Rahab

March 14, 2013
Picture taken from Rahab website.

Not long ago we received the following email:

Hi Ray,

I’m a volunteer with RAHAB Ministries in Akron. Rahab serves women whose lives have been bound by sex trafficking, drug addiction, and crime. I volunteer to teacha weekly Bible study in a jail facility in Akron. I often give out your book Anchor for the Soul to new believers in the jails. I find this book extremely helpful in expounding on the Gospel and speaking in a way that the women can understand.

I would like to know if you could donate some of these books to us to help reduce the cost. To view more info on our ministry, visit
We would greatly appreciate any donation that you could make. Thank you for your work!

Beth B

We were happy to receive this request and happy to send copies of An Anchor for the Soul to help this fine ministry. We often say that KBM is part of the “Ordnance Depot” for the Body of Christ. We take the “gospel ammo” and pass it up to the frontline soldiers. You could not find a more frontline ministry than what the folks at Rahab are doing. They rescue and restore women who are trafficked into prostitution in Akron, Ohio. 

We continue to receive requests for Anchor from all across America. Since early December we have sent out 14,500 copies of Anchor to the following ministries:

Forgotten Man Ministries, MI
Cheshire Correctional Institution, CT
John McPhail, FL
Federal Correctional Institution, OK
Military Torch Ministries, VA
Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, NY
Pastor Peter Mattice, NY
Scott, Lloyd, CT
Graham Correctional Center, IL
Central Mississippi Correctional Facility
Linda Keating, IL
Garza West, TX
G. Norton Jameson Annex, SD
Gist Facility, TX
Glosbrenner SAFP, TX
Goree Unit, TX
Goodman Correctional Institution, SC
KR&E Chaplain, SC
God’s Will Prison Ministry, SC
G. Robert Cotton Correctional Fac., MI
East Texas Pregnancy Help Center
Sago Palm Re-Entry, FL
Frackville Correctional Inst, PA
Forgotten Man Ministries/Chap. Novak, MI
Pastor Jay Halley, OH
Gowanda Correctional Facility, NY
Huntsville Unit, TX
Hancock State Prison, GA
Hightower Unit, TX
Hiland Mountain Correctional Ctr, AK
Hernando Correctional Institution, FL
Haynesville Correctional Ctr, VA
Greenville Correctional Complex, VA
PCC of Huntsville, TX
With Love from Jesus, NC
RAHAB Ministries, OH
Yakima Union Gospel Mission, WA
Tom Mayrant, PA
Groveland Correctional Facility, NY
Central Mississippi Correctional Facility
Silverdale Correction Center, TN
Hamilton County Jail, TN

Last May we reprinted 100,000 copies of Anchor. Since then we have shipped 59,000 books to prison ministries, crisis pregnancy centers, military ministries, and to rescue missions across America. We currently have 41,000 copies in our Anchor Book Depot. I anticipate that we will need another printing before the end of the year.

I mention this so that you will know how God is using these Anchor books. Pray that many people will come to Christ as a result of reading this little “gospel book.”

We do this ministry entirely by faith, trusting God to supply the funds for printing and shipping the books. Last year we raised almost $60,000 to cover that cost. We’re depending on our friends to keep on praying and to keep on giving so that this ministry can continue. Since 2000 we have given away over 600,000 Anchors. 

We thank God for the privilege of passing along the “gospel ammo” to Rahab Ministries in Akron and to hundreds of other frontline ministries sharing the Good News of Jesus. 


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