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Another Atheist Goes to Church

March 31, 2006

Cedric Stratton is an atheist. He is also a regular attender at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Savannah, Georgia. In the eleven years he has attended the church, he has become a beloved part of the congregation. According to this article, Stratton attends nearly every worship service and church event. He volunteers for ...

Lessons Learned Along the Way

March 30, 2006

The following message has just been added to the website:Lessons Learned Along the Way.

Prime Time America Interview Today

March 30, 2006

9:27 AM A friend emailed this thought: “I am trying to do more listening and less talking during my time with God, to make sure I don’t miss a thing he want to say to me.” That reminds me that this is Day 12 of the 21-Day Prayer Challenge. The prayer goes like this: “Heavenly Father, you are in charge of everyth ...

Resignation Fever Revisited

March 29, 2006

I received more feedback from last week’s entry called Resignation Fever than anything I’ve written since starting this weblog. Evidently I touched a nerve by raising a topic we all acknowledge but rarely talk about. Here are few sample responses (with all identifying details removed):I continue to be extremely ...

Do Atheists Make Good Church Members?

March 28, 2006

A few days ago I blogged about Robert Jensen, the professor from the University of Texas who calls himself a “sort of” Christian even though he doesn’t believe in God or that Jesus was the son of God or that he rose from the dead. Even so, he recently joined St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas. I wondered ...

Mark and His Team in China

March 27, 2006

Here is a picture of Mark and his team in China. Scroll down to see a picture of Mark by himself.

Cataclysmic Times

March 27, 2006

The following sermon has just been added to the website:Cataclysmic Times: Spiritual Warfare in the Last Days

Two Is One, and One Is None

March 26, 2006

I am writing this note a few minutes after 10 PM. By now the college group from Calvary should be back in Chicago. So I begin with a shout out to Josh and Leah, and to Stephanie (who called me Papa Pritchard and Marlene Mama Pritchard, which made us both smile), and to Jennifer, Denise, Christina, Jimmy and Joel. They were ...

God’s Team on the Way to Mississippi

March 25, 2006

Josh and Leah and the college group from Calvary arrived about 6:30 PM yesterday. Even though they had driven almost 12 hours from Oak Park, they were in high spirits. For everyone except Josh, this was their first visit to Mississippi. Last night they all slept in the conference center on the other side of the lake. This m ...

Keith Yates, Tenth-Degree Black Belt

March 24, 2006

*The current issue of Kindred Spirit, published by Dallas Theological Seminary, has a fine article on tenth-degree black belt Keith Yates. Keith writes for various martial-arts magazines and is a leader in Chuck Norris’s Kick-Start Foundation. Keith has written over 400 articles and ten books. When I met him, he was p ...

Soothing Ourselves to Death

March 23, 2006

Chuck Colson has an important article in the current issue of Christianity Today called Soothing Ourselves to Death. Here are a few excerpts:I admit I prefer traditional hymns, but even so, I’m convinced that much of the music being written for the church today reflects an unfortunate trend—slipping across the line f ...

Resignation Fever

March 22, 2006

Earlier today I received word regarding a friend who serves on the staff of a local church. After only a few months on the job, he resigned yesterday. While there were various factors involved, it came down to the fact that he and the senior pastor did not see eye to eye on some important issues. He plans to stay on the job ...

How to Raise Up Godly Fathers

March 21, 2006

My friend Peter Odanga in Kenya is concerned about the rise of fatherless children in African society. “Dad is either too traditional, unfaithful to his marriage, abusing the child. The boy child is rebellious; the girl child falls into the hands of the wrong people. My plea is that we should stop being Africans and become ...

Cold and Rainy

March 20, 2006

8:53 AM We have just posted two new sermons on the website:Who Do Men Say That I Am? Singing Your Way to Victory8:48 AM This weekend another team from Pontiac (IL) Bible Church is heading to Biloxi to help with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. I’m planning on driving from Tupelo to Batesville on Saturday to deliver ...

The 21-Day Challenge

March 19, 2006

This morning I preached on “Discovering God’s Will” at the First Baptist Church of Tupelo. I ended the sermon by sharing the following story: My wife and I had lunch with friends who were visiting from a distant city. As we began our meal the thought passed through my mind that the husband looked more relaxed than I h ...

The Witch Doctors Are Liars

March 18, 2006

As I was preparing last week’s sermon email message, I read the report of our 1993 missions trip to Haiti called The Witch Doctors Are Liars. Besides bringing back many good memories, I realized that everything I’ve been saying about spiritual warfare can be found in that report. We came face to face to with the ...

Back to the Cabin

March 17, 2006

After more than two weeks living out of suitcases, it’s time to go home to the cabin in the woods. Alan sent an email saying that the big logs have been replaced and the workers have finished all the related repairs. We haven’t been able to live in the cabin since before our trip to Florida on February 23. It wi ...

Three Links Worth Checking Out

March 16, 2006

1) Creation-Evolution Headlines. Some creation-evolution sites seem a bit drab to me. But this one offers a ton of useful information, updated daily, in a rolling weblog format. The writers stay on top of the latest news, offering instant analysis of stories from a wide variety of sources. This is a good example of how the ...

Ants in the Pants of Faith

March 15, 2006

We had an excellent conference at Camp Wonderland. Of my four messages, the sermon on doubt attracted the most feedback. Several people thanked me for raising a topic that we rarely talk about in church. That’s too bad because doubt not only is not sinful, it can be a catalyst for spiritual growth. One writer called d ...

Quick Notes from Camp Wonderland

March 14, 2006

Odds and Ends . . .1) My picture showed up on a friend’s weblog. Scroll down to see if you agree with comparison. I think this is some guy on American Idol. I’ll like it better if he wins the whole thing. 2) I’m writing this note from Camp Wonderland in southern Wisconsin. I’ve here as the Bible teac ...

A “Sort of” Christian

March 13, 2006

Last Thursday I wrote an entry called “Pastor Ray, Isn’t That a Little Harsh?” , based on a question from a recent radio interview. It turns out that my entry stirred up a bit a controversy. The heart of it all stems from this comment: “If you deny the resurrection, you are not a Christian and should not be treated ...

A New/Old Trend in Worship

March 12, 2006

A recent article says that many contemporary churches are adding services that feature traditional hymns. I think this is a trend that is likely to increase in the years ahead. Many in the younger generation seek a connection to the church that goes beyond the flash and splash that characterizes the Boomer approach to worsh ...


March 11, 2006

This morning I drove an hour north of Tupelo to the town of Corinth where I met my older brother Andy for a self-guided Civil War tour. To begin with, I am a Civil War buff and Andy had been on several tours of the Corinth-Iuka-Shiloh battlefields so when I climbed into his SUV, I wasn’t surprised to see that he had s ...

Corinth, Jacinto, Shiloh

March 10, 2006

10:53 AM On Tuesday we received this note from ZDL Books in Beijing: “The first print run (of the Chinese version of An Anchor for the Soul) started today.” This is wonderful news, and the printing would not have been possible without the generous giving of many people in many places. Thanks again to everyone who supported ...

“Pastor Ray, Isn’t That a Little Harsh?”

March 9, 2006

This afternoon I taped a one-hour interview for “Christian Radio Magazine” that will air nationwide on Good Friday. We were discussing my new book, Credo: Believing in Something to Die For. Here was the final question of the interview:You write “If you truly do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus, you have place ...

Anchor in Afghanistan

March 8, 2006

10:06 AM A year ago we donated several thousand copies of An Anchor for the Soul to be used in a Quiet Time Pack that Word of Life was sending to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. We just received the following report from Chaplain Gerry Benard stationed at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan: I am on the ground here. We receiv ...

God’s Mountain Man

March 7, 2006

3:20 PM Just added the next four sermons from the Elijah series:Dry Brook University Elijah and the Ravens Empty Barrel Graduate School Resurrection Hospital11:05 AM I’m delighted to announce that we’ve just started adding new messages to the sermons page of the KB website. These are the first new messages since ...

Josh and Leah

March 6, 2006

Josh called us at 7:18 AM on Saturday morning with some good news. On Friday night he asked Leah Thayer to marry him, and she said yes. For the last few weeks, Josh had been talking to us about his plans. First we talked about his trip to Vermont to meet Leah’s parents. Later we talked about buying rings. A week or so ...

Sunday at First Baptist

March 5, 2006

Today I filled the pulpit at the First Baptist Church of Tupelo. The church is currently without a pastor, and I was asked to preach today and also next Sunday morning. In the two morning services I spoke on “If I Believe, Why Do I Doubt?” and in the evening service I spoke on “God’s Providence” from the life of Josep ...

The Clampetts Move to Town

March 4, 2006

The first order of business this morning was washing our clothes from the nine-day trip we finished last night. Thankfully, the electricity still works in the kitchen where the washer and dryer are located. Upon further review, we could see that it would be impossible to stay in the cabin once the work begins in earnest nex ...

Why We Didn’t Unpack Tonight

March 3, 2006

When we arrived back at the cabin about 10:30 PM after twelve hours on the road, we found all the furniture piled in the middle of the living room. A large plate glass window had been replaced with plywood, and most of the electrical outlets had been taken out of the walls. This wasn’t a surprise to us because we live ...

A Good Week in Florida

March 2, 2006

Our week at Word of Life Florida is quickly drawing to a close. Today our dear friends Billy and Paula Speer gave a concert during the second hour this morning. I first met Billy and Paula when we ministered together in a Schroon Lake in 2000. Later we ministered together twice at Living Waters Bible Camp in Maine. Billy is ...

Two Men Live, Five Men Die

March 1, 2006

After I preached this morning, Marlene and I were driving to lunch when my cell phone rang. It was Harry Bollback calling to see if he and Millie could have lunch with us. We decided to meet at Perkins Restaurant in Hudson at noon. It’s always wonderful to see Harry and Millie because they represent the heart and soul ...

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